President: Chris Kappler

Board Members:
Norman Dello Joio
Jimmy Torano
Kent Farrington
Will Simpson
Enrique Gonzales
Mark Samuel
Missy Clark
Lauren Hough
Tiffany Foster
Mark Leone

Executive Director:
Jen Markee

Our founding governing board is composed of nationally and internationally known active competitive riders with many years of experience. We expect to have seasoned representation on hand at major equestrian events to serve as the eyes and ears of NARG and enable us to fully understand how members would like to see their sport evolve and to allow NARG leadership to work productively with key decision makers to move the sport in that direction.

Active participation at this early stage offers you an opportunity to help shape the organization that will influence the classic sport that is no doubt very important to you. We are seeking to grow rapidly at this stage. We know that there is strength in numbers. But we are especially hoping to recruit members willing to get involved by serving as volunteers willing to donate their time in support of this important undertaking. Another way to effectively participate is through providing financial support beyond the dues level established. In that regard, we are seeking and will welcome both contributions and sponsorships.

With your participation, NARG will be recognized by those involved as the clear strong voice of North American riders and the all important supporting personnel directly involved with show jumping. To bring change we must be able to speak with a singular voice.